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Wildlike leads the piercing revolution with second-to-none service and high end jewelry in a safe, sterile environment.

A new piercing concept at the forefront of experiential retail, Wildlike was founded by Ylang 23's second generation owner, Alysa Teichman. The company is focused on personal expression and community and marries the rough edge of tattoo culture with designer jewelry and fashion. Wildlike capitalizes on joy and the euphoria of selecting jewelry and finding a new, unique place to put it (often with a friend!).

Wildlike is the safest, most reliable place to get an ear piercing with luxury, solid gold jewelry. The name Wildlike was selected to represent the broad appeal of piercing, an experience that appeals to everyone on the continuum from “Wild” to “Like”. Wildlike's sister company, Ylang 23, has been a leader in designer jewelry for 35+ years.