Wildlike New York - Store Manager

As Wildlike’s Store Manager, you will be integral to building our company’s second-to-none culture and experience. As the Store Manager, you are the ultimate on-the-ground brand ambassador, setting the tone for the most luxurious piercing experience to be found. Managing people and setting the stage for the most zipped-up, consistent customer experience across new locations should be your obsession!

Wildlike New York- Assistant Store Manager

The Wildlike Assistant Store Manager (ASM) Operations role is an essential part of the store leadership team. They will immerse themselves into the Wildlike brand, and take pride in providing every client with our company’s second-to-none culture and experience. They will have the opportunity to spend quality time on the sales floor, engage with customers, style and sell side-by-side with the team. In partnership with the Store Manager and Senior Piercer, the ASM will set the tone for the most luxurious piercing experience to be found. They will also Implement the Store Manager’s Operations vision for the store and cascade to team members.

Wildlike New York - Sales Associate/Stylist

The Wildlike Sales Associate / Stylist will be the ultimate Wildlike fan. They will immerse themselves into the brand, core values and take pride in providing every client with our company’s second-to-none culture and experience. They are excited about being the first point of introduction to customers entering our Wildlike stores, and creating a warm and welcoming environment.

Wildlike New York - Professional Piercer

As a piercer at Wildlike, you will be an integral part of creating an atmosphere of positivity and inclusivity while giving clients a safe and personalized experience! You will be a beacon of piercing knowledge from anatomy to sterilization to ensure a unique experience tailored to each client, setting the tone for a custom luxury piercing experience.

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