Nipple Piercing FAQs

Everything you need to know about getting a nipple piercing.

How much does it cost? 

It costs $120 to pierce both nipples and $80 for one nipple. 

How old do you have to be to get your nipple pierced? 

You must be 18 years old. Please bring a valid photo ID to your piercing appointment. 

What does the nipple piercing process entail?

Our experienced piercers will perform a 5 minute consultation at the beginning of your appointment to ensure you're an ideal candidate. 

The nipple is cleaned and dotted with a marker before you are asked to lie down on the piercing table. Then the nipple is pierced with a hollow needle and the jewelry is inserted. 

Does nipple or breast size matter with piercings?

Yes, we perform nipple piercings on a case by case basis based on your anatomy. Our experienced piercers will conduct a 5 minute consultation before your appointment to ensure you're an ideal candidate. 

How much does it hurt? 

It's a piercing so there is pain involved but the level is completely dependent on the individual. Ladies, you might want to avoid getting your nipple pierced around your period to reduce the pain involved. 

What should I wear when getting my nipple pierced? 

Wear a shirt that’s easy to unbutton or remove and won't snag your new piercing. For women, wearing a bralette or a cami with a built-in bra under your clothing is ideal. We'll place a breathable bandage on your nipple afterwards to prevent clothes or undergarments from sticking to your piercing. Men, wear a loose fitting shirt.

How do you care for a nipple piercing?

Your piercer will provide detailed after care instructions. We recommend using tegaderm film patches to protect the nipple for the first 3 months which accelerates healing time. If you’re sensitive to adhesives, you can use sterile saline spray at the end of your shower. Avoid contact with a loofa or washcloth since those harbor bacteria. Avoid touching your nipple or playing with the jewelry and allow the healing process to occur.

What kind of nipple jewelry do you carry? 

We carry an assortment of barbells since they typically carry less risk of infection than a hoop. 

Can I get pierced with my own jewelry? 

We only pierce with the nipple jewelry we sell. 

Can I change the jewelry myself?

Yes, only after you are fully healed. We recommend having one of our piercers change your jewelry the first time.  

I'm pregnant and want a new piercing. Is it safe? 

It is against Texas state law to pierce pregnant women. 

I just had a child and I am currently breastfeeding. Am I able to get pierced? 

Unfortunately, our piercers cannot pierce you while you are actively breastfeeding. Breast feeding is hard on your immune system which allows for a higher chance of infection. Plus, infection can pass through the breast milk to the child. We recommend getting pierced about 3 months after you are done breastfeeding. Plus, ouch! 

Once they’re healed, can I breastfeed?

Yes. A nipple piercing shouldn't impact your ability to breastfeed, but that’s not to say that a nipple piercing can’t cause complications. There are risks and complications and scarring can happen.

How high is the risk of infection after a piercing? 

A fresh piercing is an open wound which always has some risk of getting infected. As long as you're taking care of the piercing and cleaning it as instructed, then the risk of infection is quite low. Avoid touching or sleeping on your piercing to prevent infection.